Battered Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a long time favourite as a convenience food. Bought ones are usually made from the bits of the bird that they cannot use for anything else though. That usually means they taste of very little. This is a variation as battered chicken nuggets are much less common than the normal ones that are coated in breadcrumbs.



  1. Make up the Yorkshire Pudding Batter Mixture as the recipe says but use a large bowl. For chicken nuggets, different flavourings can be used. Adding paprika is one option or chilli powder would be another. Just choose the final flavour that you want to get and use something that will give that result.
  2. Rinse the chicken breast then dry. Cut into bite size pieces and add into the batter mix. Stir well so that the chicken pieces are all evenly coated with the batter.
  3. Heat the oil and warm the grill or oven. You can use many different pans to do this or a deep fat fryer. I prefer to use a Wok because of the high sides.
  4. Now comes the messy part because it is time to start frying. Pick the batter coated chicken out of the bowl and drop into the hot oil. If shallow frying then turn occasionally until the batter is an even golden colour and a test nugget is fully cooked though. (Chef advantage because we get to eat the food as it cooks)
  5. Carefully remove from the oil using a slotted spoon and place on kitchen paper for a moment to allow any excess oil to drain off. Then put onto a baking tray and place in a warm oven or grill while frying the remaining battered chicken nuggets.
  6. Serve with potato wedges, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup for the kids and a salad.
    Red Coleslaw also makes a good addition to this.

Serves 4-6

It is much quicker to make than it sounds and the results so exceed the chicken nuggets that can be bought that it is worth doing. So easy to vary the flavour each time you do it too and that is one reason why I am an experimental chef.

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