About Experimental Chefs


The name says it all…

We experiment with foods and recipes and come up with our own unique renditions of new and sometimes even old favourites.

Try them and modify them to your own taste creating a different recipe in the process. Then you too can be labeled an Experimental Chef

Meet The Chefs

About Ian Dixon

Ian started to cook when he learned how to use a can opener. That made a lunch of beans on toast an easy task even for a young child. He really started to experiment with food as a student when money got low and the takeaway became too expensive. His cooking career started out in a small area equipped with a Baby Belling in the student hall where he was living at the time.

Moving from there gave him access to a proper cooker and he began cooking largely vegetarian food because the money was low and vegetarian worked out cheaper. Kids pining for sausages and burgers got him back to meat so these days he combines the two.

He has also written Stodgy but Fun British Food.

About Cynthia Fertal

Cynthia has been experimenting with food ever since she can remember. While growing up, she would take recipes and redo them, then serve them to guests without testing them first, much to her mother’s chagrin. Once she got married and had children of her own, she continued to experiment and began creatively enhancing recipes. Her children always referred to her as “The Experimental Chef” as they were growing up… simply because she never made any recipe the same way twice.

Creating recipes has always fascinated her, and even to this day, she still actively tweaks and adjusts recipes just for the fun of it. The concoctions that have resulted from the tweaking and adjusting has turned into the beginnings of a new love… creating and writing cookbooks.
Cynthia was born and raised in the Northeast area of Pennsylvania, in the USA, where she still resides. She met her business partner, Ian Dixon, on a social networking site on the internet, and together they are collaborating on a succession of cookbooks for your enjoyment and cooking pleasure.

On to the Food

We hope that you enjoy trying out the recipes that are included here as much as we enjoyed making and eating them when we made them.

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